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Our personnel structure is currently the Chief, BC/Training Officer, 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, and 13 Firefighters. We work a schedule of 24 hours on and 48 hours off.

The City of Deming Fire Department has a Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) Class Rating of 4

We have two stations, one manned, with a total of 18 apparatus, including 5 ambulances. Because we are a transport agency all Firefighters are trained as EMT's, from Basic up to Paramedic.

For the year of 2017 we ran 181 fire calls & 3,025 EMS calls.

  • A guide presented by FEMA for Returning to Normal, "After the Fire"
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EMS Department

The Deming Fire Dept. provides a very aggressive EMS service. We encourage advanced training for all our EMS providers. By doing this our customers get the best possible pre hospital care available. We conduct in house training on changes to pre hospital care and add new advanced tools and treatment as they are approved.

Advanced cardiac skills are provided by our Paramedics to include early detection of acute myocardial infarctions and transfer of that information to Health Care Providers at the hospital. This helps with early decision making that will benefit the patient's care. This may include informing a Cardiac specialist in Las Cruces and preparing for that transfer. Advanced cardiac medications are also available for treatment of AMI's, tachycardia's, bradycardias', and cardiac arrhythmias'.

During our quality assurance, which is done continually, we make changes to benefit patient care. This included adding more Paramedics and Intermediates to each shift. We added intra-osseous needles for access on critical adult patients. The ability to conduct 12 lead ECG's in the field and communicate their findings. We are attempting to add C-PAP for congestive heart failure patient's, which will assist in oxygenating those patients. We are also continuously looking for changes to decrease our response and scene times.

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