Natural Gas Leaks

The City of Deming owns and operates a natural gas distribution system. The system consists of approximately 153 miles of underground piping. Natural gas piping is installed along roads, in alleys and if you are a customer, in your yard.

Natural gas is odorless and tasteless. By itself, natural gas is not toxic or poisonous. However, natural gas does not support life. It can be suffocating if it replaces air in a building or room. Natural gas burns when mixed with air in the presence of an ignition source. This is the main reason for its value. However, its combustibility is also the element that makes it dangerous. Natural gas is lighter than air. In the open, gas rises into the air. In a closed area it will rise to the highest level and accumulate. An odorant is added to give natural gas a recognizable smell. The smell aids in leak detection and helps people to notice leaking gas before it builds up to dangerous levels.

Leaks can be detected several ways; smell, dead vegetation in the area of a gas pipe, or a hissing noise. If a leak is suspected isolate all ignition sources and report it. During normal working hours report leaks to City Hall at 546-8848, otherwise call Central Dispatch - 911.

If you smell gas go to a neighbor's house and report it. If the odor is not strong, open doors and windows for ventilation. If the odor is strong or persists, get everyone out of the house. Don't use a telephone or flashlight, switch a light on or off, or light a match if your smell gas.

One of the common reasons for gas leaks is damage to the pipe from digging. It is the public's responsibility to help prevent damage to natural gas pipes. The law requires all individuals to call 1-800-321-2537 two days prior to digging activities anywhere. Within the two-day period the location of any gas lines, if present, along with any other underground utilities will be identified above ground. The above ground markings are a caution to whoever is digging that underground utilities exist in the area below. Newer plastic gas lines are yellow to aid in identification

Leaks are also caused by corrosion, material defects and events of nature. In the last eighteen months the City of Deming has had thirty-three miles of steel gas pipe replaced with new plastic pipe. Please do your part to help prevent damage and report leaks. Thank You.


CALL (505) 546-8848 or 911 TO REPORT A GAS LEAK
Please pass this information along to your tenants if applicable