Identity Theft

Tips for Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

  • Never give out personal information such as bank accounts, and credit or debit card numbersto anyone you don't know, over the phone or via e-mail.
  • Always verify the requestor's information with known sources such as your bank or the Police Department tomake sure you are not going to become a victim of fraudulent scams and/or identity theft.

For more information on how to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft, contact the Police Department at 575-546-3011:

$1.00 (per page) Accident & Incident Reports
$5.00 Local Background Checks
(No Longer Able to Process) Finger Print Cards

Documents needed for Background Checks:

  • Social Security Card (original)
  • Original Birth Certificate or Certified Copy (must be readable)/ Passport (non-expired)
  • Written Request Form Provided by Department
  • Photo ID - MVD Driver's License or Photo ID (non-expired)

Police reports are available from department receptionist in three business days.

Please bring your Reference Case number with you when requesting a report.