Deming Arts Center

The Deming  Arts Center

centeris located in downtown Deming on the northwest corner of Gold and Pine. The building, an historic building on the Deming walking tour, is the home of the Deming Arts Council which exists to promote and support the arts in Deming. The Deming Arts Center presents a new exhibit each month. The exhibits range from work by students of the Deming schools to works done by well-known area artists.

The DAC is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except holidays. Both the building and the council are managed by volunteers. All visitors to Deming and all Deming residents are welcome to visit the center to see the changing muralexhibits. Both full and part-time residents of Luna County are invited to join the council. Volunteers are always welcomed to fill many positions. One need not be a member of the council to become a volunteer.

Schedule of Exhibits

All exhibits held at the Deming Arts Center at the corner of Gold and Pine.

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