campo-deming-picts-323With an average annual rainfall of approximatly 9", our climate is classified as "arid continental." Prolonged rainy periods are practically unknown. Fall, winter, and spring are normally dry; an average of only one or two days a month get as much as one-tenth inch of rain. There is some snow in the winter, but it melts nearly as fast as it falls.

Because of our altitude (4331 feet), summers are characterized by moderately warm days. Maximums are mostly in the 90's, rarely rising to 100 degrees or higher. Because of our elevation, the nights are comfortably cool. Our maximum temperatures usually occur during June, while in July and August frequent afternoon thunderstorms tend to hold down daytime temperatures.

Our winters are noted for their clear skies and sunny weather. Daytime temperatures, even during the coldest months, average well into the 50's. As may be expected in arid climates, humidity year round is low, sometimes as low as 5%.Winds average around 10 miles per hour for the year, with the prevailing direction being Westerly. Sometimes, as elsewhere in the Southwest, during late winter and spring, moderate to strong winds blow and bring blowing dust.The average temperatures in Deming range from a low of 30.5 degrees with the coldest month being December. The high is 82.1 degrees with the hottest month being July. The wettest month is August and the driest months are April and June. We normally have about 100 days with the temperatures over 89 degrees but the relative humidity is only 25%. Snow fall is about 1". (Remember, these are only averages.)

All in all, it's a great place to visit any time of the year.